Therapy Dog Companion

Dental visits can be stressful for kids. Several factors–negative dental experiences, fear of pain, and the influence of others–can leave your child feeling anxious about sitting in the dental chair. Because of this, and because our goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible, we have an extra special member on staff–our therapy dog, Calibur!

Studies show that animal companions like therapy dogs provide emotional support and help reduce stress-related anxiety in patients undergoing a variety of treatments, including dental treatment. Our four-legged friend provides therapeutic interactions for children with behavioral conditions, disabilities, dental anxiety, or anyone who simply enjoys dogs. When there’s less fear and more fun, your child is sure to have a PAW-sitive experience.

Calibur is a graduate of Advanced Obedience Classes through Harrisburg’s Off Leash K9 program.

Special thanks to Sabrina Mattern from Alpha Pack K9 for providing Calibur with ongoing training to help maintain his super sidekick powers.