In-Office General Anesthesia

Sometimes, treatment can’t be performed on a child when they are awake. In cases like these, we may recommend general anesthesia rather than nitrous oxide sedation. Anesthesia, which renders your child completely asleep, is typically reserved for kids who require extensive restorative work, as well as children who have high dental anxiety or special health care needs.

An Anesthesiologist will be at APD to administer anesthesia for these specialty cases. Their experience, combined with the latest high-tech equipment, makes it possible for APD to offer safe, general anesthesia right here in the comfort of our office.  

We take the time to understand your child’s needs, evaluate their health history, present you with your different options, and go over what you can expect. Rest assured, your child will be in good hands at Advanced Pediatric Dentistry.

Questions about pediatric anestheia? Contact us.

Give us a call at 717-697-KIDS (5437) to see if pediatric dentistry under general anesthesia is an option for your child.